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“I want to sincerely thank you for speaking to our group this week.This audience is sophisticated and often hard to impress, so I am just astounded by the buzz you created. The group did not stop talking about what a great presentation you gave and how useful the content is for them to use with their team and Boards. Your session rated a 4.95 [out of 5] for both content and overall take home value. This is 4.95 out of a 5.0 scale. In the nine years that I have been involved with this group, I have never had this group give any speaker a rating this high.”

– Organizer, Gathering of CEOs

For inquiries about speaking engagements or advisory, please contact Morten Hansen at

Professor Hansen engages select companies in the following activities:

  • Keynote speeches for senior executive audiences
  • Workshop seminars on collaboration for management teams
  • Via his consulting company, consulting engagements on “Collaboration” and “Great by Choice.”

Download Press Kit (4.9mb .zip)