How to Get Out of Pointless Meetings

Most people can admit to attending meetings they know are unnecessary. Yet, they attend them anyway just to say, “we had a meeting.” Usually, these meetings are initiated by a supervisor or another member of your team but to be a top performer, it is all about learning how to properly say “no” to your supervisor and better prioritize your schedule. Top performers, do fewer tasks but they do them exceptionally well. In order to be Great at Work, start to cut out all the unnecessary parts of your schedule, including pointless meetings. In this episode of #AskMorten, I explain how to appropriately say “no” and answer the question: how do you get out of unnecessary meetings?  

The #AskMorten video series answers questions from viewers about how professionals can do less, work better and achieve more.  For the past 5 years, Morten Hansen, Management Professor at the University of California, Berkeley has researched more than 5,000 managers and employees to discover how to maximize their time and performance.

Why do some people perform better at work than others?

Morten Hansen reveals the answer in his “Seven Work Smarter Practices” that can be applied by anyone looking to maximize their time and performance.

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