Are you a top performer at work?

Derived from the survey instrument I used during a 5-year study on work performance, where I had the opportunity to study the work habits of 5,000+ managers and employees, this quiz is an effective tool to quickly assess your proficiency in 7 key practices.
To find out where you want to begin to improve yourself in 2018, take the quiz, compare your scores with the 5,000 person sample, spot the one key practice where you want to start, and focus on this objective!

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I am extremely good at focusing on a few key priorities, no matter how much work and how many things I have to do (I don’t spread myself thin across tasks)

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I always make excellent contributions to debates in meetings and say what I truly think (even when it is hard to do so)

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I experiment a lot in my job -- trying out a number of things on a small scale to see if they work

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When I collaborate with people from other departments, I always go “all in” and commit 100% of my expected effort

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I sometimes don’t speak up in meetings, even when I have something to say

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I have reinvented my job in significant ways to add more value to my organization’s performance

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I feel that my work makes contributions to society beyond just making money

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I always say yes to collaborate with people outside my own department/team

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I am extremely passionate about my work and job

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I put a massive degree of effort into my job, every single day

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I am extremely good at getting people fired up in their work so that they become super enthusiastic and will support and help me reach my goals

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I follow my job specifications and don’t make changes in how I do my job

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I find my work personally highly meaningful because it contributes value to my organization

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I am extremely effective in working across groups in my organization to accomplish goals

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I always fully buy into the decisions made in team meetings and work hard to implement them (even if I disagree with a decision)

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I often let myself get pulled in too many directions

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I have created new opportunities in my work -- new activities, new projects, new ways of doing things that broke with conventions and made my work better

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I relentlessly pursue my objectives, no matter the obstacles I face

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I often do not feel excited about going to work

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Compared to your peer group, where do you think your boss would place you in a performance ranking?

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The statements you responded to indicate how you score according to the 7 key practices outlined in
Great at Work.

Below, we have placed your scores as compared to the 5,000 person study that forms the basis of the research underlying Great at Work.*

For example, a score that states “below average” indicates that your scores fall below the average responses in that data set. Use the diagnosis below to reflect on which key practice you should focus on improving.

* Note that this is a proximation as the study participants in the 5,000 person study took a far greater survey that also involved administering it to bosses and subordinates. Nevertheless, we selected a smaller set of questions that best reflect the comprehensive study. The sample includes senior and junior managers and individuals across 22 job functions and 15 industries in corporate America with the age group ranging from millennials to those over 50 and the education level ranging from less than a bachelor’s degree from a master’s degree or higher. 

Mastering Your Own Work

Do less, then Obsess

Focusing on very few things, then obsessing to excel in those

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Redesign work

Changing job tasks to innovate work and create more value

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Learning Loop

Practicing the "do-feedback-modify" loop to improve key skills

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P-Squared (Passion and Purpose)

Infusing work with not just passion, but also purpose

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Mastering Working with Others

Forceful Champion

Inspiring and applying grit to convince others to support you

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Fight and Unite

Getting teams to debate intensely and unite behind decisions

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Disciplined Collaboration

Choosing only the best collaborations, and excelling at those

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Work Less and Achieve More

From the New York Times bestselling author of Great by Choice comes an authoritative, practical guide to individual performance—based on analysis from an exhaustive, groundbreaking study.


Great At Work: How Top Performers Work Less and Achieve More, Morten Hansen



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